Completed Evaluation Form
Event Date:Saturday, October 12, 2019
Event Type:Birthday Party
Venue:Roman delight - Warminster, PA
Submitted On:Thursday, October 17, 2019

Event Evaluation
Program and Design
The Design of the Photo Strip
The Design of the Interactive Screen
The Available Program Options
Overall satisfaction with the Photo Booth Programing.
The Props where appropriate for the event.
The Selection of Props was
The Cleanliness of Props was
Overall satisfaction with the Props.
The Attendent
Our Attendant(s) Appearance
Our Attendants) Knowledge
Our Attendant(s) Was Interactive with the Guests
Overall satisfaction with the attendant(s).
My overall Experience with the booking Process.
My Guests overall experience with the photo booth.
My overall experience with the photo booth
I would recommend Goofy Photo Booth to a friend.
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